Published March 1, 2023 at 3:06 AM MST. Ask your smart speaker to, "Play NPR," and you'll be tuned into your local Member station's live stream. I'm Rachel Martin. Sanders, who is Black, says NPR's leadership did not expect its hosts to act in concert. (SOUNDBITE OF FILM, "BEAUTIFUL BOY") STEVE CARELL: (Singing) Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy. Those checks and controls, that's going to be a very light touch, essentially trying to allow for the fact that Northern Ireland is, in practical and political terms, integrated both with the United Kingdom and with the island of Ireland as a whole. And that time rolled around, and it appears a lot of people are choosing door No. He is also author of Jacksonland, a history of President Andrew Jackson's long-running conflict with John Ross, a Cherokee chief who resisted the removal of Indians from the eastern United States in the 1830s. GRISALES: Yes. January 12, 2022 10:42am. FADEL: Has Taylor Swift said anything about this? @NPR Steve Inskeep (@NPRinskeep) January 11, 2022. STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: House Democrats are meeting in Baltimore. The show reaches 11.5 million weekly listeners on more than 835 stations. Anyone can read what you share. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. "I have had a great run with a company full of people I respect and admire. "NPR is better for having an inclusive workforce," tweeted Johnson, now a host on the NBC News Now streaming service. ", It seems my assumption that I would have a quiet transition was nave. PELOSI: I was riding in the car with my brothers, and they were thrilled and jumping up and down and saying to me, Nancy, look, Nancy, look, there's the Capitol. "There are now enormous opportunities for journalists that did not exist a decade ago, and that's generally a good thing," she wrote. He's doing it for the beer cozy and the tote bag . Known for interviews with presidents and Congressional leaders, Inskeep has a passion for stories of the less famous: Pennsylvania truck drivers, Kentucky coal miners, U.S.-Mexico border detainees, Yemeni refugees, California firefighters, American soldiers. HAYWARD: Yes. NPR's Steve Inskeep talks to professor Katy Hayward of Queen's University Belfast, about the United Kingdome and European Union reaching a deal on the trading status of Northern Ireland. Israeli police use force against antigovernment protesters. 3 abortion bans in Texas leave doctors 'talking in code' to pregnant patients. And what are Swift's fans supposed to do about getting tickets? March 3, 2023 The House Ethics Committee has opened a formal probe into Republican Congressman George Santos of New York. Inskeep was hired by NPR in 1996. For the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, the turnover rate for employees of color at NPR was lower than it was for the entire staff. When it was time for Garcia-Navarro and King to renegotiate their contracts with the network, the talks became unexpectedly acrimonious. INSKEEP: (Laughter) Drilling deep. FADEL: OK. As records are opened, peoples privacy should be respected; thats why Im withholding my biological mothers name and any details that might identify her. So what they're saying now is it's almost invisible. (The network did not break down those figures exclusively for editorial staffers. I think we are the leader already, but maintain that leadership in new innovations that will be good for climate and for cleaning up the environment. His first full-time assignment was the 1996 presidential primary in New Hampshire. Trump has offered little access to the media since leaving office. NPR's Steve Inskeep told Trump that he would keep the interview at about 15 minutes. In the wake of a trio of departures, news stories and private messages shared among NPR staffers reflected the concern that Black and Latina stars are leaving the network in droves. Published March 1, 2023 02:06 AM Facebook . But, look, Musk overpaid for this company, and he has all this debt to service, so he's under pressure to cut costs, increase revenue. A Martinez will be leaving his role as host of Take Two at KPCC to join Noel, Steve, and Rachel at Morning Edition and Up First. Copyright 2023 NPR. The authoritative record of NPRs programming is the audio record. NPR's Steve Inskeep speaks with Robert Daly of the Wilson Center about the Russia-China relationship, and the possibility that China could supply weapons for Russia to use against Ukraine. Throughout life, I have met people who spent years searching for birth parents, complicating their struggles to come to terms with their past. Thanks, Anne. Donald Trump brought a telephone interview with NPR's Steve Inskeep to an abrupt end after the journalist repeatedly challenged the former president on his 2020 election lies. Strangers hid part of me from myself. It still didnt bother me excessively until after 2018, when Indiana law changed. Who assumes leadership roles now in the next Congress? INSKEEP: Before we go on, just to establish where you're at - I think you know that a lot of scientists, the overwhelming majority of scientists, find something real going on here INSKEEP: And observe something that is a lot worse than it was just 10 or 20 years ago and is accelerating. The White House unveils new rules for asylum-seekers at the border. INSKEEP: She became speaker of the House during the administration of President George W. Bush. GRISALES: And she said she believed then, as she does now, that it was the most beautiful building in the world because of what it represented - a temple of democracy, of the Constitution and, quote, "our highest ideals." Why would we ever have to destroy ourselves just because we're getting our electricity from a different source? Lansing says NPR would find another solution. It can be very expensive. She arranged to place the baby for adoption and gave birth the next day. Nobody can predict what takes off on social media either, but this did. It appears the company is losing critical expertise and institutional knowledge about everything from how the site is kept online, protecting user data and privacy and handling toxic and illegal content. But at the same time, nobody is going to solve the problem except humans. Jurors in the South Carolina murder trial of former attorney Alex Murdaugh are expected to start deliberations later today. Pandemic food assistance that held back hunger . So I requested my records from the State of Indiana and was denied. What does the new Brexit trade deal mean for the future of Northern Ireland? The Supreme Court hears two cases this week that could mean big changes for social media. It, you know, was a crowded day in the old city. A previous version of this story misspelled Alan Cumming's last name as Cummings. Steve Inskeep Steve Inskeep is a host of NPR's Morning Edition, as well as NPR's morning news podcast Up First. Stay Connected. Much of the commentary reflects a belief that NPR has proven incapable of doing the right thing when race is a factor and is willfully or carelessly driving away its future stars, even as it aspires to attract more Black and Latino listeners. I accepted this until I became an adoptive parent in 2012 and a social worker suggested that my adopted daughter might want to know my story someday. If you need more lookups, subscriptions start at $39 USD/month. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been asked to leave Frogmore Cottage; British intelligence missed a chance to . This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Poll shows President Biden's approval rating is up. Mosley, who is Black, is pursuing her own podcast, called Truth Be Told, for which she had acquired the rights from public radio station KQED. And by . Wed like to hear what you think about this or any of our articles. February 21, 2023 NPR's Steve Inskeep speaks with Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont about his latest book: It's OK to Be Angry About Capitalism. This is one of the most hotly anticipated tours, particularly coming out of the pandemic. And our constituents expect us to do that. With a nationwide network of award-winning journalists and 17 international bureaus, NPR and its Member Stations are never far from where a story is unfolding. Thanks so much. In a further step, by midcentury, even parties to the adoption were cut out. NPR News. By Steve Inskeep On 2/19/13 at 12:00 AM EST. "As individual journalists and as institutions, we need to be thinking about what are the ways we serve the audience that may be different than the way we do now. NANCY PELOSI: A new day is dawning on the horizon, and I look forward, always forward, to the unfolding story of our nation, a story of light and love, of patriotism and progress, of many becoming one. Mr. Inskeep, co-host of NPR's Morning Edition, is the author of "Imperfect Union: How Jessie and John Fremont Mapped the West, Invented . So we'll have to see what happens going forward. Steve Inskeep Steve Inskeep is a host of NPR's Morning Edition, as well as NPR's morning news podcast Up First. In the case of Morning Edition's Steve Inskeep and Weekend Edition's Scott Simon, who are white, seniority and longevity elevated their pay. He made the announcement earlier in 2020 that he would appear on the show for the last time on Dec. 29, 2020, but longtime fans who knew of his work even before he became such a recognized name at NPR are wondering why he's leaving at all. I'm excited to bring every experience I've had along the way to NPR and to represent Los Angeles and California the best way I can.". Her name is Melissa Ingle, and she worked as a data scientist. They're trying to be convinced by the U.K. and the EU as to the fact that the economic opportunities can outweigh the challenges. One is that Democrats do not all agree on the giant measure. INSKEEP: I want to ask about one other thing that's been in the news. A Martnez will be joining Steve Inskeep, Noel King, and Rachel Martin on this bi-coastal, 24-hour news operation. FADEL: Presidents have come and gone in recent times, and Nancy Pelosi has remained. ", But, she added, "I also understand that 4 hosts leaving in a year three of them POC women is a red flag. How much do you think of your state's oil workers when you think about your positions on these issues? So why wasn't Ticketmaster ready? Inskeep says Morning Edition works to "slow down the news," making sense of fast-moving events. May 27, 2021;Washington, D.C. NPR announced today that after . Both felt stymied by NPR's programming division, which oversees podcasts and is run apart from the news side, according to colleagues they spoke to. Steve Inskeep is a host of NPR's Morning Edition, as well as NPR's morning news podcast Up First. HAYWARD: So the U.K. and the EU were at loggerheads over this issue for a long period of time and, after months of negotiations, have come up with this deal which essentially reduces the significance of that Irish Sea border. "Our people are all we have in terms of quality and credibility," Lansing says. A half century later, the network is one of the most respected news organizations in the world. Reaching our potential requires new avenues for growth and possibility. Cornish, who is Black, wrote on Twitter last week that after 20 years in public radio, and 10 years as a host, she was ready to try something new. A Martinez will be leaving his role as host of Take Two at KPCC to join Noel, Steve, and Rachel at Morning Edition and Up First. Good morning, Shannon. So the goods can move from Northern Ireland across the whole of the EU and into Britain. Morning Edition hosts often get out from behind the anchor desk and travel around the world to report on the news firsthand. twitter; instagram; youtube . As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. For 50 Years, I Was Denied the Story of My Birth,, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at for further information. INSKEEP: Very briefly, is anybody pushing back hard on this? Bola Ahmed Tinubu is set to be sworn in this May. BOND: I mean, there are. Good morning, Anne. Like, it's almost like a wake for this site that's not dead yet. There would be money for electric vehicle chargers across the country. Accuracy and availability may vary. A winner is declared in Nigeria's presidential election. Is this because of Ticketmaster's monopoly on ticket sales? Let's not be so focused on, I hate coal, and more focused on, let's reduce emissions. Yet the interviews also yield a more complex picture. "I am leaving of my own accord with no malice or resentment," Cornish wrote. View Steve's Email (It's Free) 5 free lookups per month. And they include carbon capture utilization and storage, bringing back more of nuclear power into the United States. NPR, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, is widely known for its rigorous reporting and unsurpassed storytelling that connects with millions of Americans every day on the air, online, and in-person. "The hosts are the reason that those shows are so successful, along with all the people working so hard every day on those shows," John Lansing, NPR's chief executive, says in an interview. They're leaving Twitter. And I'm Steve Inskeep. Asked how she felt, she cried. Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin will join Steve Inskeep and David Greene as a host of Morning Edition, NPR's flagship morning news program, the network announced Thursday. I am angry that for 50 years, my state denied me the story of how I came to live on this earth. Bob Edwards, the long-time newsman and host of NPR's "Morning Edition," has been replaced. A caseworker noted her name, which I am withholding for reasons that will become apparent, and her appearance: She was a very attractive, sweet looking girl, who seemed to come from a good background and was intelligent. She had blue eyes and rather blonde hair, though the woman said her hair was getting darker over time, like that of her parents. Everything I just told you about my biological parents was unknown to me growing up; they were such a blank that I could not even imagine what they might be like. But many, many more millions of fans were trying to get tickets and upset that they couldn't. . And I'm grateful that so many are ready and willing to shoulder this awesome responsibility. Its comm staff has been laid off. FADEL: NPR's Shannon Bond has been trying to sort out the chaos and joins us now. And the audiences for the podcasts are markedly younger and more diverse. Proposals in other states, like Arizona, would affirm the rights of some adoptees but not others. So what does this mean, if all these people are leaving, for Twitter's ability to function? Among other problems, the country of Ireland remains . When Indiana finally made its records more accessible in 2018, so many people requested documents that state employees were overwhelmed. NPR's Steve Inskeep speaks with Ohio Gov. Pelosi's historic leadership will end who's lining up to succeed her? They have to go through checks and controls. He was on the set of his wife Caroline Lindy's upcoming film. But Trump hung up after about nine. And the hope is that politically we can have some more stability now, as well as making the most of these new economic opportunities. Listeners and colleagues have posted laments on social media. "But it would be far worse if that workforce thought it had nowhere to go except @NPR. NPR She had shaped the development of Consider This, a podcast spun off from All Things Considered, which allows for a fuller exploration of a single issue in 12 to 15 minutes. And heres our email: By Steve Inskeep, Fatma Tanis. STEELE: She has not, but we will wait to see what she's going to do because the general on sale to the public for Friday, it was called off. The authoritative record of NPRs programming is the audio record. And this comes after he laid off half of Twitter's workforce and cut thousands of contractors loose shortly after taking over at the end of October. This is MORNING EDITION from NPR News. She'd been an ABC News correspondent in 2008. Steve Inskeep is a host of NPR's Morning Edition, as well as NPR's morning news podcast Up First.. The people who blocked me from learning my past must have thought their motives were pure. In recent remarks online, Johnson, who is Black, focused on a more competitive landscape for NPR journalists, including people of color. NPR's senior vice president for news, Nancy Barnes, wrote in a letter to staff on Tuesday that, taken together, the resignations have "created a hole in the heart of the organization.". Martin will take the spot left by Renee Montagne, who announced in July that she planned to leave the program after the presidential election. This reporting is supplemented by NPR Member Station reporters across the country as well as independent producers and reporters throughout the public radio system. CRAMER: It may be the choice in 10 or 20 months. Former President Donald Trump abruptly ended an interview with NPR on Tuesday after being pressed about his repeated lies about the 2020 presidential election. But some Republicans saluted Pelosi as she announced her departure yesterday. NPR's staff is majority female, both in its newsroom and more broadly.). . Indiana, like most states, practiced closed adoption, meaning birth families and adoptive families were allowed no identifying information about each other. The NPR Representative for Logistics will be responsible for monitoring the pick up of products and ensuring that they reach their intended destination. "The magazine shows are the very definition of excellence and [the hosts] represent NPR on the radio and through the podcasts Consider This and Up First. The expectant mother said she had grown up in Eastern Kentuckys mountains, then migrated north as a teenager to find work after her father died. My parents never expected to have children the way they did . Welcome. So this became contentious. On days of bad news, Inskeep is inspired by the Langston Hughes book, Laughing to Keep From Crying. In 2019 the state and the Childrens Bureau sent me documents that gave my biological mothers name, left my biological fathers name blank and labeled me illegitimate. On a hospital form someone had taken my right footprint, with my biological mothers right thumbprint below it on the page. What does this mean for the next generation? By Steve Inskeep. We do actually mine things like even natural gas and oil in a much cleaner way than most of our competitors around the world. Some say the network does not keep its promises and makes contract negotiations unnecessarily contentious. Picture: Rachel Martin At Morning Edition As Host Source: March 1, 2023 Nigeria has a new president-elect after a rancorous and sometimes violent election cycle in Africa's largest democracy. Inskeep is the author of Instant City: Life and Death in Karachi, a 2011 book on one of the world's great megacities. Disclosure: This story was reported and written by NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik and edited by NPR media and tech editor Emily Kopp and Managing Editor Terence Samuel. And in remarks to her colleagues, she recalled a story of when her father was serving in Congress and she saw the Capitol for the first time as a 6-year-old. And if so, he would become the first African American lawmaker to lead the party in Congress. 3 abortion bans in Texas leave doctors 'talking in code' to pregnant patients. You know, already, U.S. and European regulators are closely watching as Twitter could face big fines if they don't follow through commitments they've made to protect users. STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: . Elizabeth Gillis/NPR Updated March 24, 2011 12:01 am ET. A Martinez will be leaving his role as host of Take Two at KPCC to join Noel, Steve, and Rachel at Morning Edition and Up First . Steve Inskeep is a host of NPR's Morning Edition, as well as NPR's morning news podcast Up First. Courtesy A Martinez Over time, she built a reputation as a master legislator and a master strategist, pushing through landmark legislation. I spent 10 days in foster care before being adopted by my parents, Roland and Judith Inskeep, who deserve credit if I do any small good in the world. All Things Considered host Ari Shapiro said on Twitter that NPR is "hemorrhaging hosts from marginalized backgrounds." NPR's Steve Inskeep talks to Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota about climate change. INSKEEP: Unlike some Republicans, Senator Cramer says he is willing to address climate change by reducing carbon emissions. hemorrhaging hosts from marginalized backgrounds, Leila Fadel is newest NPR host at Morning Edition and Up First, NPR Names KPCC's A Martnez As New Host For 'Morning Edition' And 'Up First', NPR Radio Ratings Collapse As Pandemic Ends Listeners' Commutes. But information alone is powerful. FADEL: NPR's Claudia Grisales, thanks so much. Publicly available tax forms listing top-paid employees suggested female hosts were paid less than their male counterparts. HAYWARD: I mean, certainly that's what the U.K. and the EU were saying, that this is a tremendous opportunity. March 2, 2023 Israeli police use force against antigovernment protesters. And consumers are the ones that end up paying the price and not getting tickets. CRAMER: Well, because, Steve, even if I adhere to that point, I reject the notion that you have to stop all fossil fuel production and fossil fuel use for electricity in the United States of America to solve climate change. NPR's Steve Inskeep talks to Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, a member of the House Jan. 6 committee about the panel's priorities before the end of the year and the legacy it will leave. FADEL: OK. We need greater resiliency. He also says turnover is part of the reality in media, especially with other organizations moving aggressively into the audio space with podcasts and other on-demand digital offerings. INSKEEP: OK. If we start with the things that we already have some bipartisan agreement on - and by the way, a couple of those things are in the BBB, in the Build Back Better climate package. Rene Montagne (pronounced Mon-TAIN) is an American radio journalist and was the co-host (with Steve Inskeep and David Greene) of National Public Radio's weekday morning news program, Morning Edition, from May 2004 to November 11, 2016.Montagne and Inskeep succeeded longtime host Bob Edwards, initially as interim replacements, and Greene joined the team in 2012. U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is trying to gather support for a trade deal between his country and the European Union, something to replace the old trade arrangements after the U.K. left the union in Brexit. Former President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Ben Gray, File) So if you've got trade going between Belfast and Dublin, or cities on either side of that border on the island, it can go freely. There would also be other provisions like fees on methane emissions, which come from natural gas. For PR Pros . However, this situation did bring difficulties for Northern Ireland. From left: Hosts Lulu Garcia-Navarro, Audie Cornish and Noel King have left NPR recently. President Biden was the headliner. Should adoptees and biological families contact each other, after the law forbade it for so long? . What I would also tell them is what we can't do is we can't destroy ourselves in the process of trying to save the Earth. Mr. Inskeep, a co-host of NPRs Morning Edition and Up First, is an adoptee and an adoptive father. So this feels like a question we've been asking a lot, but what in the world is going on inside Twitter? Bills in Florida, Texas and Maryland would ensure every adoptees access to pre-adoption birth records. MR. INSKEEP: I want to begin this way. hide caption. HARMON: We have a disabled child. All rights reserved. Let's discuss it with Katy Hayward, a professor of political sociology at Queen's University Belfast. He has pitched it both as a moral imperative and fundamental to the network's continued survival in weekly all-staff meetings. The most remarkable part of her story was this: When she knew she was about to give birth, she drove westward out of Ohio, stopping at Indianapolis only because it was the first big city she encountered. Some of the things you talked about, like paying for charging stations, I think this is more of a private sector issue. February 23, 2023 Where do Americans stand with the debt ceiling debate? Even more employees are leaving Twitter after billionaire owner Elon Musk issued an ultimatum - commit to being, quote, "extremely hardcore or quit.". He has written for publications including The New York Times, Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and The Atlantic. She was first elected to Congress to represent her San Francisco district in 1987 and moved into a leadership role as Democratic whip in 2002. Many adoptees or biological families may now obtain records unless another party to the adoption previously objected. hide caption. FADEL: NPR congressional correspondent Claudia Grisales is here this morning. But nobody asked if I wanted my identity hidden from me. She will be a special correspondent for the show through the end of her contract, which lapses in August. And that is now outside the EU. I f he is in bed by 9 p.m., Steve Inskeep can get six hours of sleep before the alarm. All rights reserved. Your speaker can also access NPR podcasts, NPR One, NPR News Now, and the Visual Newscast is available for screened speakers. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at for further information. Inskeep was hired by NPR in 1996. I should say that Twitter did not respond to questions about the turmoil. And NPR hosts frequently pursue outside interests. 5: . Toggle primary navigation. A 20-week backlog of requests built up and has persisted a testament to how many human lives were affected. House ethics panel investigates New York Rep. George Santos. STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: Africa's largest democracy - in fact, Africa's most populous country - has a new president in waiting. No credit card required. A video of the interview, published Wednesday morning, shows Trump becoming increasingly irritated as NPR's Steve Inskeep asks him why he's still pushing debunked conspiracy theories about his . The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. INSKEEP: When you talk about cleaning them up, of course, you're talking about carbon capture, which we could have a whole different discussion about. He went on to cover the Pentagon, the Senate, and the 2000 presidential campaign of George W. Bush. Our co-host David Greene . FADEL: Anne Steele is a reporter with The Wall Street Journal, and she's been covering this. But if you look at, you know, the map or the globe on my desk, you would see that Northern Ireland, a U.K. possession, is on the same island. Thank you. NPR News. CRAMER: Steve, it's my pleasure. In addition, NPR and WBUR informed member stations last week that Tonya Mosley would leave her job as host of the network's midday show, Here & Now, at the end of the month. INSKEEP: Republicans often demonized Pelosi, and last October, a man broke into her home and attacked her husband. We need to be, I think, in a transition. A caseworker encouraged her to process her emotions, but she was adept at conversing with seeming openness while maintaining a wall around her feelings. For her final meeting, after shopping downtown, she wore a pink sheer shirtwaist and heels, with a tiny waist, as if she had never been pregnant. "We plan to embrace and lift up new voices and build a robust, diverse pipeline of journalists ready to move into every critical role," wrote Barnes, who is white. And, you know, this is just one area where these layoffs and resignations and firings are worrying people, right? NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by an NPR contractor. We can't really take him just anywhere. Records were sealed to all but people directly involved. Robert Alan "Bob" Edwards is an American broadcast journalist, a Peabody Award-winning member of the National Radio Hall of Fame. Its been nearly two years since I first read those documents, and Im still not over it. There would be some clean-energy incentives, money on the table to lean toward clean energy. FADEL: OK, Anne, so it's not exactly a surprise that a whole lot of people wanted Taylor Swift tickets. So in practical terms, there was disruption to some trade coming into Northern Ireland from Britain, from the rest of the United Kingdom. World. As a result of the hosts' advocacy, most female hosts received five-figure pay raises in subsequent individual contracts. One answer arrived Wednesday when NPR aired its long-sought chat with the former president, conducted a day earlier by Steve Inskeep, a host of "Morning Edition.". This week, he told remaining workers that they had this choice - stick around the new, hardcore Twitter, work long, intense hours, or they could leave with three months of severance. what is the purpose of patient statements quizlet, oblique; biased crossword clue,